October is Spine Health Awareness Month

October has two very special occasions to recognize spine health — the entire month has been dedicated as Spine Health Awareness Month, and October 16th is World Spine Day.


Significance of World Spine Day & Spinal Health Awareness Month

The spinal cord is the nerve column that connects the brain to the rest of the body that allows us to control our movements. Without our spinal cords, we would not be able to move any parts of our body, and our organs could not function! So, keeping our spines in tip-top shape is of the utmost importance for overall health!


World Spine Day’s mission is to help others understand how the burden of spinal disorders can impact your quality of life as you age. The importance of spine health is promoted all month long to raise awareness and encourage lifestyle changes and healthy habits within everyday activities.


Almost everyone has experienced some level of back pain at one point in their lives, but for those struggling with chronic spinal conditions, living with back pain can be a daily hurdle. Lower back pain and neck pain are common occurrences in today’s society. By recognizing World Spine Day on October 16th, people all over the world stress the importance of primary prevention by engaging in adequate physical activity, good posture, proper lifting, exercise techniques and healthy working conditions.

Over the course of one’s life, the spine endures significant wear and tear. Taking care of your spine and being aware of good spinal health can help limit your risk for spinal injury and disability.


About the Spine

Maintaining good spinal health is essential for your body, as it provides the strength, support, and flexibility required to perform daily activities. Without good spine health, things like bending, twisting, walking, and other daily functions become difficult and can induce pain. Taking care of your spine now can contribute to better mobility down the road.


Taking Care of Your Spine

There are many ways in which you can practice good habits to help take care of your spine. From nutrition to responsible lifting techniques to good sleeping posture, there are many considerations to be made to ensure the best possible spinal health. Some examples include:


Food & Nutrition
As with almost any health condition, the food you put into your body and nutrition plays a big role in how you feel. Be sure to choose foods with adequate vitamins and minerals, specifically Vitamin D and Calcium. Some foods high in calcium include dairy products such as milk or many types of dark leafy green vegetables.


Staying hydrated is also important for preventing back pain. The vertebrae in your back work to absorb shock as you move. They rely on proper water intake, so they do not rub together. Be sure to drink plenty of water to improve your spine disc’s flexibility. 


Core Activity
A weak or struggling core or abdominal muscles can put pressure on your back. Strengthening core muscles with a variety of exercises can help to stabilize your spine, improve posture, and relieve back pressure.


Getting Involved
Are you interested in helping to raise awareness surrounding spine health and world spine day? Check out the official World Spine Day website to learn more about opportunities for engagement. There are many ways to get involved, from health fairs to fun runs or walks. Get involved this year on October 16th, 2021, to help raise awareness for spine health!


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