Carl P. Giordano, MD


“He is a deal genuine good guy. Speaks the truth. He revised my surgery. I had two prior disc operations that both failed by another doctor. He cleaned up the mess. I’m doing great. Could not be happier.”

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“I first met Dr. Giordano 19 years ago. He fused my back and I Resumed a very normal life. I essentially forgot about it I did so well. This past year I started developing back pain and sciatica again and I’ve developed some problems above his old surgery essentially 20 years ago. It was essentially the same thing I had 20 years ago just at a new level. I wasn’t worried at all about having surgery because I did so well with the first surgery. I’m now about six months out from surgery and I am doing fantastic. This last surgery was even easier than the 120 years ago resumed a very normal life. I essentially forgot about it I did so well. This past year I started developing back pain and sciatica again and I’ve developed some problems above his old surgery essentially 20 years ago. It was essentially the same thing I had 20 years ago just at a new level. I wasn’t worried at all about having surgery because I did so well with the first surgery. I’m now about six months out from surgery and I am doing fantastic. This last surgery was even easier than the one 20 years ago. I couldn’t be happier. I was so calm and at ease for him to do the second surgery because I had so much trust in him. I essentially feel back to normal again. He’s a fantastic doctor. His staff is fantastic. I can’t say enough about him. Thank you so much Dr. Giordano.”

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“I came across Dr Giordano’s reviews in a search for something else and was surprised to read “any” negative rating. It moved me to come out of the woodwork and tell everyone that I was a patient (approx) 15 years ago and my back is “Still GREAT”. This Doctor has saved me!! Of coarse I listened to him. He told me (for my situation) if I repeatedly lift more than 30 pounds he would see me soon….but if I didn’t he would never see me again…and here we are. I remember vividly he had Excellent Dr./patient manors and explained every last detail of the procedure and what to expect afterwards. He was right on the nose! Thanks Dr. Giordano!”

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“I went to Dr Giordano about 10 years ago for a laminectomy. He is an excellent doctor. Did a great job. Was able to run a marathon a year later. Highly recommend.”


Just had surgery … “Just had surgery from the doctor. Just saw him for 2 week post surgery visit. Did terrific. Found him to be so great. Had to imagine the response from prior person. Everyone in waiting room had great things to say as well.”

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“Just want everyone to know how great he is. He operated on me years ago and I’ve done great. I just read his book and now I know why he is so great.”

“I’ve had problems with my back for 20 years. I finally gave in and had an operation to try and rid my pain. I gave up golf years ago because of my pain. All I can say is I should have had the surgery years ago. I gave up so much because of the pain. The surgery was 1 1/2 hours and I did great. I’m now a year from my surgery and have played about 10 rounds of golf. Dr Giordano did a fantastic job. He really instilled confidence and was a real pleasure.” User

“I had an ACDF last summer performed by Dr. Giordano. I recently competed in my first powerlifting meet in 12 years. At the time I couldn’t lift myself out of the pool. Here is me lifting 560 lbs, the best I’ve done in my life! Thank you for making my life better!”

Dr. Mark Lampi

“Words fail me when I try to express how grateful I am for what you did for me. So I will just say thank you. Thank you for being a gold standard man. Thank you for your skill and dedication. Thank you for restoring me to functionality.”


“He is an excellent artful surgeon who knows subject thoroughly. He did very cleverly surgery on my spine and I am fully active now. I thank him very much to give me normal life again. God bless him.”

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“I want you to know how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me. Thank you for your patience, guidance and understanding. You and your staff helped me get through a tough surgery I was so afraid to have. You are a true professional and a skilled surgeon. Thank you for changing my life!”


“The best decision I ever made. Had a neck operation and went back to work within 6 weeks had two levels fused with a plate and feel back to normal. One of the nicest docs I ever met. I got his name from my medical doctor. He operated on my doc as well.”

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“It’s been years since my back procedure. My back and legs are feeling great! I just returned from Florida where I played golf 6 times in 4 weeks and I walk about a mile every day. Each day I’m getting stronger. I owe it all to you. Thank you very much.”


I liked the doctor “The doctor was really nice and up front about everything.”

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“Great surgeon. Wonderful doctor.” user

“It’s been just about a month since I had spinal fusion surgery to repair a severe bulging disc that was affecting my entire left arm & hand and thanks to Dr. Carl P. Giordano it has been repaired…I am now pain free…in the days after the surgery, I never had any pain, just some discomfort in the neck & shoulder areas. Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found a surgeon who truly cares about his patients and takes his time to explain in detail what will be done. I highly recommend him to anyone who has any type of spinal issues.”

A. Bennett

“I am a former police officer, I now work as a town inspector. I had a neck operation by Dr. Giordano and I was amazed at how easy the recovery was. I had very little pain and I am now essentially fully healed. I pretty much feel completely back to normal. He was very good at explaining everything to me and was a real pleasure during all of my visits.” user

“Thank you so much for your excellent care and compassion and treatment of my husband. You have a hand of “gold”. The incision is beautiful and it’s not the first of its type I have seen. You work miracles.”


“He was a real good guy. Solid man. Nothing fake about him.” user

“Great team. Dr. Giordano was the original doctor that preform surgery to my husband 17 years ago. Very happy.”

Lucia D.

“Wonderful doctor and wonderful human being.” user

“He was a very decent man and explained everything to me. I had a back operation and had a great recovery. Highly recommend him.” user

“Did very well after surgery. Able to return to road crew” user

“The true gift of any physician is one who will listen to his patients, not tell them what is wrong! This is Dr. Giordano’s strongest asset, his ability to listen. I should know – after 10 years and many surgeries, I am still confident that Dr. Giordano listens. This is a quality that many physicians do not share! He is a surgeon who still considers surgery the last option; a doctor who maintains his patient’s comfort as his primary goal. A man, a caregiver, a friend!


“Best thing that ever happened to me. Saw another doc in area who did a disc on me and it failed. Doc G fixed it and have done great. I didn’t even have half the pain from his surgery that I did from the first surgery. Went home the same day. He’s a great guy and a straight shooter.” user

“It’s been a little over a year since my surgery and I’m doing very well. Keeping busy and walking daily since retiring in September. Thanks again for all you did.”


“Love him. Took great care of me. Could not be happier.” user

“Thank you for fixing my back and restoring my ability to play and bring sports back in my life. I feel great and I’m looking forward to a full recovery because of you!” Sincerely,


“Thank you for helping me with my back problem. I sing at several churches, and the Saturday before surgery asked the pastor of Resurrection to pray for a safe and successful surgery. He prayed over me but also for you and ask God to guide your skilled hands. I praise God for answering his prayers and thank Him for the gift of you helping so many people. God bless you!”


“I can’t begin to thank you for answering the same question so patiently over and over but I knew you knew I was the one who needed to make the decision and you respected that. I am so thankful to have you as my surgeon. Being in nursing 40 years, I became quite critical as you can imagine. But you are by far the most extraordinary human being and doctor I have ever met! It keeps me positive that the heart hasn’t left medicine.” Thank you again.


“Thank you for taking such great care of me over the past year! Each one of you has been so kind! I couldn’t have asked for a better practice to treat me. Thanks again!”


“Wow! That was a marvelous gift you gave to our family out of kindness. Surgery was great success and George continues to mend. For the first time in months he’s not in constant pain. We appreciate all you have done for us especially your skill and kindness. With much thanks and gratitude.” Sincerely,

George and Maureen

“Thank you for all you have done this year to get me back to perfect health! You are AMAZING! I don’t know where I would be without you. I can’t thank you enough.”


“Thank you for not forgetting why you became a doctor. My family and I greatly appreciate your service.”


“Thank you so much for what you have done to help me regarding where I am now with my scoliosis. Your compassion and understanding in my situation has been exactly what I needed at this time. I have been increasingly worried about my future as the pain increased and you had given me a plan going forward and it feels much more positive. Somehow you were put in my path just when I needed you.” Warmly,


“I am deeply grateful for your diligence in trying to find the source of my leg pain. You always did your very best with problems affecting my spine. I wish to thank you for all the time spent studying for your final Exams in medical school. Thank you for sacrificing your leisure time studying further to become the number 1 spine doctor in this area. Your mannerisms of gentleness and sincere concern are always in your eyes. I will always pray for your well-being so that you may continue to serve other people as well as you’ve guided me.”


“Thank you so very much for all of your help on my back case these past months. I was in so much pain before I came to you and over the course of the past 1 1/2 years you have made it all go away. I truly appreciate all of your advice and counsel. Thank you for all you have done!”

Earl W.

“It is been seven months since my surgery and I just wanted to thank you for all you did for me. I have returned to most activities, even running, and feel good. Please know that I am extremely thankful to have had you as my surgeon. Words cannot express the gratitude that I have for you and your skills as a surgeon.”


“I wanted to thank you for the successful back surgery performed. As of now, I have absolutely no pain and haven’t for sometime now. I am back to playing golf and doing all of my house projects without any pain or discomfort at all. Thank you for giving me a pain-free life. It surely is a pleasure and great to have no pain! I’m grateful my dear friend referred me to you.”


“I don’t know where to begin thank you!”


“Michael visited you suffering from severe back pain. When you looked at his MRI you booked him for surgery. Over a year has passed since that and we cannot begin to thank you for what you did. Michael now has no back pain whatsoever and is enjoying a quality-of-life that was not imaginable just over year ago. We got married this year in the full knowledge that if Michael’s path had not crossed with yours, planning for a wedding would have been impossible. I have known Michael for a long time and I’ve never seen him walk so well and be so free of back pain. A heartfelt thanks from us both.”

Ruth and Michael

“Thank you for the great care you provided me with my back surgery.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your terrific handling of my back surgery. I’ve been having symptoms for years they became acute within the last year and a half. My life was badly affected. You, with your mannerisms and expertise, gave me back my life. Since the operation I feel that I’m a new man and if I were superman I would probably fly.”


“I’m sure you hear it every day and after all you done for me the least I can do is put it in writing. I can’t thank you enough for your time, patience and capabilities as a surgeon. Although I am still healing I’ve already noticed improvement in my neck pain. Through it all you have always been pleasant with me, never once rushed me and always treated me with respect. I do not take it for granted and greatly appreciate it. As for your staff they too have always been courteous and helpful. No matter how silly or important my questions were everyone always treated me kindly and got back to me in a timely manner. It is very rare these days to feel so comfortable not only with one but in the tire stop in one place. All of you should be very proud and you will always have my highest recommendation!”


“Great Doctor. I was Dr. Giordano’s patient many years ago, and he helped me tremendously.”


“I want to send you a special thank you for all you’ve done for me and my family. Thanks to you and your staff, we were able to have our much-needed disability reinstated. You have helped make a horrible illness more a little more tolerable.”

Sandy and Jim

“Very impressive doctor. Spent a lot of time explaining everything to me. He was everything a good doctor should be. He did very well by me. I had a work injury and didn’t expect such good treatment. I was quite happy.” user

“Very unusual doctor. Still wears a suit. Still shakes my hand every time I see him. A real gentleman. I had emergency neck surgery and was paying him monthly. He apparently didn’t know that and when he found it, he said stop paying, we’re all good. Can you imagine? He said forget about the payment. I owe him a lot.” user

“Dr Giordano made me feel a lot more comfortable after speaking with him. He made me feel this was a blessing being sent to him as a second opinion. Spoke to me in a medical language that was very understandable. Staff was very helpful and professional. 5 Star treatment all around. Recommended them very highly! Thank you, Dr Giordano…”


“Just a great man. What else can I say? Oh I can think of one other thing: a great surgeon.” user

“Just a thank you to my amazing surgeon would only scratch the surface of how thankful I am for having you as my doctor! Your hands are gold to repair broken people like me. Doctors like you are rare to encounter. Never feeling rushed, always explaining every point and detail. This would be enough to please any patient but you are also such a kind and approachable man that I feel honored to be in your presence. I am in debt to you for the rest of my life!”

MS and family

“As a healthcare professional for over 30 years I had no doubt that I was in the most capable hands in 2006 when I had my first lumbar laminectomy by Dr. Giordano. I had virtually no choice but surgery, as I had limited sensation in my left foot and excruciating electric pain down my leg unrelieved by medication. I was anxious to say the least with my first major surgery ahead of me. Dr. Giordano in his kind gentle way reassured me that I would regain sensation and once again return to a normal quality of life. He was correct, I was able to return to work fully functional as an oncology advanced practice nurse within 4 months. Unfortunately, since 2006 I herniated the discs above the previous surgeries and needed additional back surgeries. I sought a second opinion at Hospital of Special Surgery (HSS) in NYC. The day after the consult, my husband and I made an appointment with Dr. Giordano to discuss the opinion of the HSS specialist. After our conversation, I knew I did not have to look any further, Dr. Giordano not only understood why I needed to obtain the second opinion he actually made me feel I did the right thing. I then went into surgery with a clear mind, knowing I was receiving extraordinary care. The best part was that I was being treated as an individual not just a “very interesting case”. In March of this year I again herniated above the previous three surgeries. I have psoriatic arthritis which complicates my problems. This time I was anxious knowing I needed to make significant life changes and retire early at the age 57. I love my career and it was a hard decision. Dr. Giordano spent an inordinate amount of time with me and my husband and I knew I needed to move forward with this process. Dr. Giordano’s office staff member Lily, was tremendous in guiding me through the daunting disability paperwork procedure. In addition, when I had any concerns postoperatively I received a call back within four hours. I was always able to get an appointment at any time, as Shelly was sure to call me back and accommodate my long drive from Monmouth County to avoid traffic. This means a lot when you have to drive over an hour with back pain. With the ever changing healthcare environment personalized care is often lost, Dr. Giordano will never make you feel like a “number “which often occurs in many academic centers. As nurses’ we are often critical of our physician colleagues. I am convinced that there is no better spine surgeon in the NJ/ NY area then Dr. Giordano, in fact traveling from Monmouth County and outside the large healthcare system I work for to receive his care says a lot! Presently I feel I have made a timely and successful recovery with restoration of nerves in my foot. I am resuming my normal quality of life, and planning to visit my son in England in 2 months. I am enjoying the special time with my new grandson and able to walk him in the carriage and go to the playground, which I didn’t think was possible three months ago. I hope I will never need another back surgery, but if that situation ever arose I would go nowhere else except to Dr. Giordano at Atlantic Spine Specialist. From the bottom of my heart I thank you!”


“I can only describe my experience as miraculous” After a year of medical and physical therapy for a severe and paralyzing pain in my left leg, that was so severe that I could not dress myself without assistance. An MRI of my back revealed a spinal cyst that only spinal surgery could correct. My internist for the surgery recommended Dr. Giordano. On my first visit to his office I found him to be personable and direct. He clearly explained and demonstrated, using models, the problem the MRI indicated and a permanent solution to my pain. He had such an air of confidence in these discussions I could not help but feel I had come to the right surgeon. I had the surgical procedure lumbar laminectomy on the first of the following month. When I awoke the following morning in the hospital, I was amazed to find, as Dr. Giordano had promised, I had my left leg back – pain free – as good as it ever was. I am currently 7 weeks from surgery and gradually returning to my outdoor life style. Dr. Giordano was good to his word based on his surgical expertise and experience. I can only describe my experience as miraculous.


“Fantastic.” user

“It has been six months since my spinal fusion surgery and I feel fantastic! It is because of your incredible surgical skills and talents that I am able to live pain-free and for that I will be forever grateful! Thank you to you and your team.” Thank you!


“Just wanted to say thank you for the amazing news today. Knowing that you often have to give bad news I was very appreciative of the good news of no surgery today! As always your compassion and care shines through!” Thank you!


“I truly cannot thank you enough for giving Megan her life back. We are so blessed to have you as our physician and surgeon. You have gone above the call of duty. Because of your professionalism, confidence and overall excellent care I have never worried about surgery. My overall sense of peace is hard to describe. You have such an amazing gift of putting people back together. Thank you for sharing it with our family. I am forever appreciative and grateful.” Warm Regards.


“With all of the hundreds of us who have come to you for help over the years, I doubt that you remember many of us individually. Nonetheless, I wish to express my gratitude for all you’ve done for me. In February 2013 you eliminated my spinal stenosis. Not once since have I experienced so much as even a twinge of discomfort in my right leg. True artistry! Still have lower back arthritic pain but it is quite tolerable. Again – my heart felt thanks.” Sincerely,

Charlies (Chip)

“Great surgeon. Back to golf after lumbar fusion. Could not be happier.” User

“I can’t express myself enough how thankful I am for being your patient. I can say you’ve really changed my life. I was an awful pain before the surgery and right after I was done with it I felt relieved immediately. I cannot wait to get back to my everyday activities with my kids. Thanks to you! Thank you so much Dr. Carl G.”


“Just want everyone to know how great he is. He operated on me years ago and I’ve done great. I just read his book and now I know why he is so great.” User

“Thank you so much for your care, concern and treatment you provided over the years. Your office has also been most helpful.” Blessings,

Bill and Kathy

“I had a back operation that failed. I lived in pain for 2 years. This doc operated on me and did a great job. Pain was gone. I really enjoy seeing him. It’s still the best part of my day.”

“I am most grateful for the surgery performed on my spine. I have no pain anywhere and feel like a new person. May God continue to bless you as you help so many people.”

Sister R.

“Respectful and quite professional. An excellent surgeon.” User

“Thank you so much for seeing me, for all of your kindness and for your expertise. It meant very much. I’m doing well and not taking any pain medication.”


“What a talented and honest doctor. I could not be happier.” User

“Dr. Giordano is a real high quality surgeon. I am truly thankful for having been under his care and would absolutely recommend him. Both Dr. Giordano and his office staff are very friendly and compassionate – a pleasure to work with.”