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Dr. Nachwalter & Staff
Thank you for everything you all did for me. You are all amazing!!! I really appreciate everyone’s patience, caring and kind manner and how effective and efficient everyone and everything was. I can not thank you all enough.
With much gratitude,
Jamie Napeloni


"I am a patient who has been severely compromised with low back pain for several years due to a degenerative condition (arthritis). I have already had two full hip replacements less than 10 years ago and back surgery many years prior. I have not slept for more than 4 hours straight in over 2 years. I had been through every imaginable treatment path, all ending in failure. Surgery was my last option, or so I thought, until I visited Dr. Nachwalter and discovered radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Nachwalter was my 7th specialist besides those specialists who helped me manage my way through this painful ordeal and were helping me to seek a long term solution. Right at the outset, he was listening more closely than all others at the first consultation. He took an evidence based approach and made sure I had all the necessary imaging performed including immediate x rays right in his office followed by CT scan as well as an MRI. After a couple of visits and extensive discussion, physical exams and reviewing all the imaging, he provided a path forward. He was tremendously supportive and addressed the immediate solution and also the long term pathway including lifestyle and weight issues. And, his office staff is top notch, very friendly, helpful (especially with insurance reimbursement issues), and very competent. I’m happy to say I’m finally on a pathway where my back pain has been properly addressed by a top flight spine specialist, Dr. Richard Nachwalter. If you suffer like I have, I hope you can avoid the years of frustration and pain. I strongly recommend you make an appointment and have a consultation with Dr. Nachwalter. He is the best!" User

"Cannot ask for a nicer person and Doctor. His staff is also amazing. I have no more pain or numbness in my arms at night after have my ACDF surgery."


"Dr. Nachwalter helped me understand all of my options. I went with spinal fusion surgery and I new immediately afterwards in recovery that it was successful. I regained all the feeling in my legs and within the first week I could walk and climbs stairs without any issues."


"I am a patient who has been severely compromised with low back pain for several years due to a degenerative condition (arthritis). I have already had two full hip replacements less than 10 years ago and back surgery many years prior. I have not slept for more than 4 hours straight in over 2 years. I had been through every imaginable treatment path, all ending in failure. Surgery was my last option, or so I thought, until I visited Dr. Nachwalter and discovered radiofrequency ablation. Dr. Nachwalter was my 7th specialist besides those specialists who helped me manage my way through this painful ordeal and were helping me to seek a long term solution. Right at the outset, he was listening more closely than all others at the first consultation. He took an evidence based approach and made sure I had all the necessary imaging performed including immediate x rays right in his office followed by CT scan as well as an MRI. After a couple of visits and extensive discussion, physical exams and reviewing all the imaging, he provided a path forward. He was tremendously supportive and addressed the immediate solution and also the long term pathway including lifestyle and weight issues. And, his office staff is top notch, very friendly, helpful (especially with insurance reimbursement issues), and very competent. I’m happy to say I’m finally on a pathway where my back pain has been properly addressed by a top flight spine specialist, Dr. Richard Nachwalter. If you suffer like I have, I hope you can avoid the years of frustration and pain. I strongly recommend you make an appointment and have a consultation with Dr. Nachwalter. He is the best!" User

"This was a workmens comp case. I feel I won the lottery being sent to Dr. Nachwalter his staff very professional and courteous. Dr Nachwalter explained everything what was going to happen with surgery and recovery. When I woke up from surgery pain and numbness was gone I can recommend him to everyone" User

"My experience with Dr. Nachwalter from first day in his office his staff and Dr. Nachwalter was very professional and courteous. Surgery went great and no more pain."


"I will recommend Dr. Nachwalter to the whole world if I can. He is the best spine surgeon I have ever met. Great doctor to see for any spine issues you may have." User

"Dr. Nachwalter is a great specialist I recommend him to the whole world that has back pain. He will help you and make you feel new again. I love this doctor. Words cannot explain how grateful I am to have gone to see this doctor. He is one of the best specialist anyone can go see." User

"I am almost 3 months post op with Dr. Nachwalter. I was in so much pain with a cyst crushing the nerves in my lower spine. He explained the surgery in detail, as well as the recovery process. He was clear and precise and thus far, everything he explained has been true. I have followed his instruction and am pain free. I highly recommend him if you require surgery." User

"Entire experience with Dr. Nachwalter and his staff, was excellent. His knowledge and demeanor put me at ease immediately, after almost a year of not knowing what was causing my hip and leg pain. After a successful Spinal fusion, I’m on my way to returning to my very active lifestyle! Cannot thank him enough!" user

"An overall EXCELLENT experience with Dr. Nachwalter, his office staff, and especially the post-op care received at Morristown Memorial Hospital! As a nurse myself, I was very impressed by everyone involved in my care! From the Dr. Nachwalter, the awesome nurses, and nurses aides, who made me feel I was their only patient, dietary, to the super supportive physical therapy staff! The care I received was definitely 5-Star!!! The staff of Dr. Nachwalter went above and beyond, even during this difficult time we’re currently living in. Sooo Thankful!" user

"My husband recently had 2 disc replacements with Dr. Nachwalter. He is the very best. He is very compassionate and thorough. He listens with great patience and understanding towards the patient. He is an outstanding surgeon. We highly recommend him." User

"It’s been 3 months since my surgery. My time with Dr. Nachwalter is over. My pain level is at zero. I am back at the gym and feel fantastic. The importance of my 4 month relationship was the Dr. took his time, explained on a step by step plan and it was flawless. The Dr. leads a team and what a great team. Thanks to all." User

"I suffered with back pain for years, spinal stenosis was my diagnosis. I had multiple procedures from a pain management center with minimal relief. I knew it was time. Dr. Nachwalter did my laminectomy. He saved me! I am finally pain free. His caring and professionalism are top notch. After suffering for so many years, I finally have my life back. Thank you Dr. Nachwalter." User

"I had a 2 level cervical disk replacement, Dr. Nachwalter did an absolutely amazing job. Bedside manner was great. follow-up appointments we easy to schedule. My recovery was as close to pain free as you can get. I'm 6 weeks post-op with great motion and feeling great. I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter he was great and the office staff has been great as well." User

"Dr Nachwalter gave me my life back. I highly recommend him to everyone with spine or neck issues. Great results with help from his great staff. Thanks Doc."

John E.

"I am a Clinical Quality Nurse and was already familiar with Dr Nachwalter when I needed an Orthopedic Spine Surgeon. I live very close to the city and although my family encouraged me to go to HSS, I was very comfortable with Dr Nachwalter as I have reviewed his outcomes as part of my job for the last several years. Dr Nachwalter reviewed my medical history, symptoms and diagnostics and explained my options. Due to Covid restrictions my husband needed to wait in the car but Dr Nachwalter spoke to him over the phone and made sure his questions were also answered. My procedure (lumbar fusion) was performed at Morristown Memorial Hospital (MMH). MMH was super-efficient with both the pre-admission testing (including Covid) and the admission process. My surgery went very well and I woke from anesthesia feeling much better than when I went in. I saw Dr Nachwalter each day that I remained in the hospital. I began Physical Therapy my first post op day and was able to be discharged home to my townhouse that has many stairs! I never had the need to fill my pain Rx after discharge. I was an avid power walker prior to surgery and slowly resumed my daily walking routine. Both Dr Nachwalter & I have been very pleased with my recovery. This surgical experience took place during the Covid epidemic and the office staff was still able to schedule appointments quickly and efficiently." User

"I had my surgery in September and left a full review on the Dr. and his team. 9 weeks after I am pain free and feel like I have been given part of my spirit and joy of sports back. Thanks Dr. Nachwalter!" User

"I visited Dr Nachwalter 3 days after rupturing my L3 disc. He gave me a professional review and his opinion, I already had two other opinions. A few days later I returned to his office where his staff was able to set up my surgery in 3 days. My surgery gave me 80% instant relief. Dr Nachwalter called me on my cell the afternoon of my operation. He was very positive in my follow up appointments. I was very satisfied with the care I got from him and his staff. That being said, I hope I never have to see him again (professionally, that is.)" User

"I recently had spinal surgery with Dr. Nachwalter, he was very patient with explaining to me what the procedure would be like and what to expect post operative. While in the hospital he stopped in each morning and took the time to speak with me and didn't leave until my questions where answered. I would highly recommend him to family and friends." User

"I have had two separate surgeries with Dr. Nachwalter and my experience on both occasions was the same, he listens to understand your issues and goals and then he explains your options and the ramifications of each of those options. Prior to my first visit to Dr. Nachwalter I had gone to another doctor when I was in considerable pain, and he just wanted to give me pain medication and told me all the things I wouldn't be able to do. Having the surgery has improved my quality of life (I'm still recovering from the second but I already see improvement). After both procedures I have needed no more than Advil and Tylenol ( your mileage may vary). The office staff is efficient and friendly and the surgical staff is terrific, even while currently working under difficult conditions. I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter." User

"I was not able to walk due to leg pain. Dr. Nachwalter was not in my network. Had to chose another doctor. Had surgery in 2017 which failed. Went to several other drs. and they were of no help either. Epidurals, PT. No relief. Dr. N. was finally in my network. Got an appt. quickly and he is the only one who said I had nerve damage and that a spinal cord stimulator would help. He was right. I have so much relief. I basically was just barely getting to work and home. Suffered for 4 years with this pain. I can't thank him enough. I recommend him highly." User

"I am very fortunate to have met Dr. Nachwalter. Writing this is important so all patients can use reviews as part of the process. Starting with meeting the Dr. was a good experience. I was first introduced to one of his right hand Individuals who took all X-rays information etc. I start there because my first impression other than the Dr. was part of his team. After my consultation was over and interview I made the decision Dr. Nachwalter was my choice. Next was process of scheduling Etc. No one should think that’s simple. Scheduling was easy but coordinating everything could of been a nightmare. The help was off the charts GREAT. Surgery day, I was somewhat nervous but after meeting each member of the Doctors team I was ready. I have read reviews about many doctors however behind the best doctors which Dr. Nachwalter is was his choice of team. Don’t be shy in the interview process. Two weeks later I went from a pain level of 10 to below 1. Perfect choice of Dr. Thanks." User

“Very attentive to concerns, spent time explaining my condition & what treatment was best. Allayed my fears regarding the surgery I needed, explained in detail what was going to be done. Staff was very friendly & professional.”

Healthgrades user

“Dr. Nachwalter is extremely knowledgeable, courteous and confident. I am so pleased with the whole process, I will refer friends and family to your practice! After meeting Dr. Nachwalter, I knew immediately I was going to be feeling better after discussing the procedure.”

Healthgrades user

“Was in severe pain for 8 months with herniated discs, had three injections, nothing helped. Dr Nachwalter performed surgery and now one month later I am pain free and back to a normal healthy life. I would highly recommend him. True professional, talked me through everything and gave me back my life”

RateMDs user

“Changed my life! Surgery to revise a prior fusion and simultaneous removal and fusion of C7-T1. The complicated surgery was a breeze and provided immediate relief. Recovery was nothing what I expected. Didn’t even need pain meds after 3-5 days. Six weeks later and I’m returning to work. Highly recommend!”

RateMDs User

“Spent 8 months in pain with two herniated discs, then found Dr Nachwalter. One month later living pain free and back to a normal life. Can’t thank or recommend him enough.”

Vitals user

“100% recommend.”

Healthgrades user

“I met with Dr. Nachwalter after having issues with back and leg pain. I had a previous surgery five years earlier done by another surgeon. Dr. Nachwalter listened to my concerns, anticipated and answered all the questions I had. He explained thoroughly what should be done to alleviate my pain and why he was suggesting his plan of action. Although this surgery was more extensive than my first, my recovery was quicker and easier which I attribute to Dr. Nachwalter’s skill and expertise in his field. I am thrilled with my results, and have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Dr. Nachwalter.”


“Cervical disc removal and fusion, while simultaneously doing cervical revision. Recovery was a breeze! Dr is compassionate and thorough, with a great bedside manner. Changed my life! Staff is excellent, as well. Highly recommend!”

Vitals user

“It has been 1 year since my back surgery (Laminectomy L4-5). Immediate improvement after surgery, post 6 months was great and post 12 months even better! Can’t thank Dr. Nachwalter enough – – his “less is more” philosophy demonstrates his commitment to improve your well-being and not to unnecessary procedures or techniques. Thank you!”


“I had back surgery with Dr. Nachwalter in February. It’s now 5 months later and I am pain free. He was very attentive to my concerns, answered all of my many questions and offered me options for treatment. After trying physical therapy and back injections, I opted for the surgery. The very next day I was able to get out of bed like a normal human being. I am so grateful for Dr. Nachwalter’s ability to pinpoint my condition and through surgery give me relief. Everyone was courteous and professional and I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter and his staff.”

Healthgrades user

Finding the right… “Finding the right words to clearly express how pleased I am with Dr. Nachwalter is difficult, I spent two years being bounced from doctor to doctor each of them trying different procedures to treat my symptoms unsuccessfully. During my first visit with Dr Nachwalter he immediately spotted the cause of my symptoms and performed the necessary surgery as quickly as it could be scheduled, which ended my 2 year battle with pain and sleepless nights. I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter.”

Anonymous Author

“Dr. Nachwalter first performed surgery for me in 2014 (Cervical Fusion). Extremely successful procedure. Recently required a spinal fusion. Throughout both of these events Dr. Nachwalter provided the highest quality of care/attention. He answered all questions, was always responsive and patient. Not to mention confident and supportive to me and my family. If I need future spinal care, I would 100% engage Dr. Nachwalter. I highly recommend being in his care!!!!!”


“Dr. Nachwalter takes his time to thoroughly explain all information about diagnosis, treatment and procedures, and answers all questions for both patients and family members.”

Kim T.

“Doctor Nachwalter performed my back surgery in April. I am very pleased with the surgery. I would definitely recommend him.”


“Dr. Nachwalter performed my emergency discectomy/laminectomy 11 years ago with excellent results and we returned to him for my young son who needed a complicated surgery (bilateral pars defect repair) in November. He is incredibly knowledgable, compassionate and patient. He answers any questions and concerns you may have. He went out of his way to make sure we understood the surgery for our son and the long recovery process. The results have been excellent thus far and we couldn’t be happier. We feel very fortunate to have found Dr. Nachwalter. His staff is always accommodating and helpful especially when it comes to navigating complicated insurance issues. Dr. Nachwalter is truly an outstanding surgeon.”


“If you have spinal issues, there’s no need to see any doctor except for Dr Nachwalter.”

RateMDs User

“Went to Dr. Nachwalter based on recommendations I found online. He was challenged by my condition and responded beautifully. He was detailed when informing me what needed to be done, recovery time, long term outlook, etc. I am now completely free of pain and my recovery is going exactly like Dr. Nachwalter described it would. I am currently six weeks after surgery, pain free and moving very well. I would recommend Dr. Nachwalter to anyone experiencing issues with their spine.” User

“Dr. Nachwalter did an excellent job detecting a problem that other doctors missed for over 2 years. Surgery went smoothly and recovery was much easier than I expected. I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter.”


“Very much to the point. Proceeded with my issues in a timely manner. Completed what needed to be done with zero complications.” User

I highly recommend… “I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter, after my cervical surgery I am pain free. Dr. Nachwalter and his staff are amazing. I am so thankful to all of them.”

Anonymous Author

“I had a laminectomy 6 weeks ago and have no more pain. The Doctor was very good at answering my questions and seeing that I was comfortable with everything that was going to happen and understood my goals. I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter.” User

Like being touched by the hands of God! “I’m a 50 year old active man who injured my neck and was in constant pain 24/7 for 4 months and needed surgery to fix cervical 5-6 6-7 injury rather than a fusion I had the mobi-c disc implants to have more movement and flex. I went to the hospital at pain level 10 and when I woke up after surgery I had thought I was “Touched by the hands of god!” My pain in my right arm was gone, that night I slept the longest I had in 4 months. I recommend Dr. Nachwalter, he gave me back my life!!” User

“I had a spinal fusion and laminectomy, within 2 weeks I felt amazing! This doctor knows his stuff. I would highly recommend visiting him if you are in extreme pain and no other alternatives are working.”

Google User

“Dr. Nachwalter did a wonderful job. My severe leg pain was relieved right after surgery. He explained in detail what was done during the surgery. He even called a few days later to see how I was. Staff was excellent. Lily, Debbie and Melissa. Thank you. I would highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter”

Margaret F.

”I had back trouble for 8 years and tried everything. I went to see Dr. Nachwalter and we determined that surgery may be the answer. He was very honest about the level of improvement that I could expect. His knowledge of the most current trends in his field showed he clearly kept up with the latest improvements and he knew all the statistics on effectiveness of treatment. The resuIts were better than I expected. I was dancing at my son’s wedding 4 weeks and on a European cruise 6 weeks after.” User

“I was referred to Dr. Nachwalter from a co-worker. I had cervical fusion in 2015 from another doctor, and for two years after my symptoms worsened. I had excruciating pain and my life was on hold. Dr. Nachwalter gave it back to me. Day one post-surgery I felt relief, the pain was mostly gone and I could swallow. My voice returned for the first time in 18 mos. I’m very happy with my recovery. The post-op pain was manageable with Tylenol. The office staff is really great too.”

Grace, User

“Dr. Nachwalter is compassionate and the best back surgeon in NJ. I was hesitant about lumbar laminectomy surgery, but all conservative treatment failed. Dr. Nachwalter explained the procedure thoroughly, answered all my questions and returned my phone calls as I was anxious about the surgery. Back surgery is complicated and only a top-notch, highly skilled surgeon like Dr. Nachwalter should be your first choice. He works out of Morristown Medical Center, another important point: clean and 5 star.” User

“After visiting another ER department (in another city) the previous week and being told nothing was wrong I knew I needed to keep persuing another doctor who would listen to me. I was able to get an appt with Dr. Nachwalter quickly and he immediately detected an issue by reading the MRI films himself and NOT relying on the radiologists diagnosis (which was very wrong). I was admitted to Morristown hospital that day and surgery the next. At all times I was able to follow the doctors’ concerns and possible issues. I was made fully aware of the risks and possibilties. I was able to feel I could trust Dr. Nachwalter very quickly as he described everything. I so appreciate how he took me seriously, didn’t tell me I was just getting old (like the ER doc and the follow up neurologist the next day, prior to seeing Dr. Nachwalter). I appreciated how HE depended on his own interpretation of the films, not someone else’s diagnosis which in my case had been misdiagnosed. I appreciated how he immediately dealt with my issue rather than saying “let’s see what happens in a week or so”. Thank you Dr. Nachwalter! You are the best and greatly appreciated!”

Google Review

”For the first time in 10 years there was no pain in my leg. For the last 10 years I have lived with horrible pain in my right leg caused by a broken vertebrae that pinched my nerve. I was advised by many people, family members, Chiropractor, co-workers not to have back surgery because it was too dangerous. On a more recent consultation with an Orthopedic surgeon who specializes in joint replacement he recommended I see Dr. Nachwalter at Atlantic Spine Specialists in Morristown NJ. Dr. Nachwalter recommended several options other than surgery that would provide temporary relief before trying surgery. We evaluated all other options, and ultimately decided surgery would be the most effective option. Dr. Nachwalter walked me through the entire process from the procedure to the down time I would need to recover. At one point I had an issue with getting my insurance to approve my surgery. Dr. Nachwalter who was on vacation at the time personally called the insurance company and straightened everything out. Dr. Nachwalter the day of surgery came to see me in the holding area to make sure I was ready which was important to me as I had some anxiety about the surgery. When I woke up in recovery I had pain from the incision, but the pain in my leg was gone. I couldn’t believe it for the first time in 10 years there was no pain in my leg. It has been 3 weeks since the surgery, and I just had my first follow up visit. Dr. Nachwalter took x-rays in his office, which was very convenient not having to go somewhere else to have that done. He showed me exactly what he did during surgery, and really helped me understand what I was looking at on the x-ray. Still to this day there is no pain in my leg (just from the surgery) and that is getting better each day. Dr. Nachwalter gave me my life back. I can’t wait to start running like I did 10 years ago. The staff at Atlantic spine is A+ as well. I’m a worry wart and found myself calling the office to ask questions leading up to the surgery. They never made me feel like I was a pest, and it made me feel good through the whole process.”

Joseph O.

“Dr. Nachwalter from the very first visit was respectful, thorough, and forthright. I came to see Dr. Nachwalter from a workers comp issue and I traveled from South Plainfield. What a pleasant surprise to have ended up at his office. His staff is always professional and flexible. I had the surgery with him at the very best and cleanest Morristown Medical Center. If you have back pain don’t suffer any longer go to his office and make the first step and see for yourself.”

Anthony P.

“After 4 years of back and sciatic pain, I decided to finally get surgery at age 37. After doing my due diligence and visiting over 10 surgeons in both New Jersey and Manhattan, I felt confident that Dr Nachwalter was my surgeon of choice. Not only did I find Dr Nachwalter to be professional, confident and come highly recommended, I liked his honesty the most. He is not the “rush to surgery” type of surgeon. After a few consolations and diagnostic shots, we collectively came to the conclusion that I was in fact a candidate for surgery. He was upfront and honest as to what my expectations should be from the surgery. On April 25th, I had a laminectomy performed by Dr Nachwalter. I am still in my infancy of recovery. However, I must say that I am beyond satisfied so far. Everything Dr Nachwalter told me to expect has been spot on. The surgery was performed on time and went exactly as he described. The follow up from both him and his office has been second to none. I would highly recommend anyone considering back surgery to visit Dr Nachwalter. User

“Dr. Nachwalter is the first workman’s comp doctor that has actually treated me as a patient. Great bedside manners and informative. He has already preformed 1 surgery with excellent results.”

Google Review

“I highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter, in fact I already have to a friend who has had issues with her back for years. He answered all my questions, did a tremendous job and understood my goals.”

Mark D.

“I went to Dr. Nachwalter for a workman’s comp. case. Initially, I was sent to a different doctor for the same injury . Although both doctors agreed that I required surgery, Dr. Nachwalter advised me to have my surgery in the hospital instead of a “surgi” center. This was because of a few factors that the first surgeon didn’t pick up on. The level of competence, knowledge and experience is definitely a step up with Dr. Nachwalter. He was extremely frank and honest, discussed the pros, cons and risks associated with my surgery. I felt extremely comfortable in his hands and that he really cared for his patients. Post op, I had a few concerns and contacted him via his answering service. Not only did he not seem bothered or irritated, he encouraged me to contact him if I had any further concerns. I would highly recommend him to my friends and family. User

“Due to a worker’s compensation claim from a injury in a motor vehicle accident, I was referred to Dr. Nachwalter in January 2016. He was very knowledgeable and understanding about my severe lower back injury. After months of going through protocol with various tests and being in a significant amount of back pain, he had no other choice but to proceed with a spinal fusion and disc replacement in July 2016. Now, almost 3 months post op, my pain is gone. I would highly recommend Dr. Nachwalter!!”

Michael I.

“My wife was injured at work and unfortunately had to visit a Workers Comp MD who was the gatekeeper. While that MD was a phony, Dr. Nachwalter was fantastic. He exudes confidence in his bedside manner. Wife is feeling much better after surgery. Thank you to a great doctor!” user

“Excellent surgeon, My pain level had gone down immediately after surgery, I feel much better after having surgery.” User

“Doctor Nachwalter is great. He is highly qualified and very compassionate. After a year of pain he gave me my life back. I trusted him completely and he didn’t let me down. All doctors should be like him.”


“I had a spinal fusion and laminectomy. Wish I got the surgery sooner. No complaints at all. I would definitely go to Dr. Nachwalter for back surgery, the man knows his stuff!” user

“I had a car accident in 2012 and, amongst other injuries, broke two vertebrae. Fortunately for me, Dr. Nachwalter was the doctor on call and did my five and a half hour surgery. I am walking and dancing again – in no small part thanks to him. He was polite and courteous – as were his staff. I would have no hesitation recommending him to others!”


“When we first walked into the office to meet Dr. Nachwalter we were a little skeptical. He seemed to be a little rough around the edges and not too compassionate. I was in so much pain I could not do anything! Upon my second visit it was a whole new Dr.! He was so understanding and when he saw my MRI he immediately scheduled surgery and did it on a day he normally didn’t even work! My pain was immediately relieved and I feel great now! He has been great! He is highly recommended by myself and my family! Thank you Dr. Nachwalter I am forever in your debt!” user

“My wife was injured at work and unfortunately had to visit a Workers Comp MD who was the gatekeeper. While that MD was a phony, Dr. Nachwalter was fantastic. He exudes confidence in his bedside manner. Wife is feeling much better after surgery. Thank you to a great doctor!”


“Dr. Nachwalter is wonderful!! When my husband had sciatica, he was able to quickly diagnose the problem. He clearly explained the issue and how he would treat it. His billing assistant Lilly jumped through hoops for us and was able to get the surgery approved without all the ¨conservative treatment¨ the doctor knew would not help. The surgery was a success, and the sciatica was cured. Dr. Nachwalter visited every day, answered all our questions and was a pleasure to work with.” user

“I would like to start this letter by thanking each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. Almost ten months ago, we sought Dr. Nachwalter’s opinion and guidance regarding our son Gabriel’s chronic pain as a result of a bilateral stress fracture at L5. He had succumbed to taking pain medication several times a day as well as sleeping with a heating pad, all while halting any kind of activity beyond walking. Cheryl and I felt as though our then -12 year-old son would never lead a normal, active life as he had prior to his injury. But Dr. Nachwalter’s consultations, unparalleled knowledge of the anatomy (and the spine, of course), and openness to novel approaches to surgery, gave us hope for Gabriel. And on November 24, 2015, the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, we met Dr. Nachwalter at Morristown Memorial Hospital where, with the assistance of an incredibly professional and experienced team, he literally worked his magic…for a second time in our family. I say second time because eleven years ago, with my wife, Cheryl, in excruciating pain as a result of two bulging herniations in a similar location to Gabriel’s fracture, Dr. Nachwalter performed a discectomy and laminectomy on her that allowed Cheryl to resume a normal life, as a doting mother of three toddlers, almost immediately. His precise and accurate hands truly gave my wife a renewed optimism on life and allowed her to focus on her children and family, as opposed to incessant pain and concern about her own wellbeing. And so this past Thursday, May 26, 2016, Gabriel, Cheryl and I walked into the examination room at Atlantic Spine Specialists, six months and two days post-op, to hear the final verdict regarding the pars repair Dr. Nachwalter had performed on our now-thirteen year-old son. After reviewing the latest x-ray taken minutes prior, Dr. Nachwalter provided those words we and, more than anyone, Gabriel himself had been waiting to hear: that he could resume life as a normal adolescent. I will never in my life forget the smile that came across my son’s face – to which we owe Dr. Nachwalter. The surgery was a success…not that I ever doubted for a minute it would be given a surgeon with his skill and attention to every single detail performed it. Since Thursday, Gabriel and I have gone for a run as well as a bike ride, and he has raced his younger brother Alex down the water slide at a local pool as if nothing ever happened to him and he hadn’t lived through over a year of chronic and severe pain and discomfort. I can’t thank you enough for having given two people, who matter so much to me and have so much life to live, their lives back. I am forever more grateful than you know and forever in your debt. You all made the unnerving and lengthy experience that much more tolerable with your kindness in the office during our multiple visits and adeptness in the operating room. Thank you very, very, very, very much for everything. Yours in health,”


“Excellent, would recommend to anyone who needs help.”

Troy P.

“After months of being abused by New Jersey workers comp and orthopedics, I was recommended to Dr. Richard Nachwalter. He listened, he evaluated and relieved my pain and suffering within a week. God bless you for your expertise and professionalism. Thank you.” user

“When I went to Dr Nachwalter, I was in so much pain. He is a friendly doctor. My surgery went great, now just recovering. No more pain, thanks to Dr. Nachwalter. I can walk without shooting pain down my leg or side hurting. He is a great doctor” user

“I was recently diagnosed with a severely herniated disc in my L5 /S1 Lumbar. I was in excruciating pain down my entire left leg and unable to stand or sit. Dr Nachwalter performed a micro-discectomy within a few days of seeing my MRI results. Within minutes after the procedure in the recovery room, the pain in my left leg was completely gone! I would recommend Dr Nachwalter without hesitation.” user

“Hi.I’m very happy to share my experience with a great surgeon in Dr. Richard Nachwalter. He performed an L3 L4 microdiscectomy on my lower back, and I have to say I am very impressed. I was up walking around my room the very next day. He is also a very caring person outside of work. He paid a visit to me the next day to see how I felt and to offer me an extended stay if I felt I needed it. Dr. Nachwalter also has an excellent staff always treating me and my family with a warm welcome recommended A+++++????”

Bradley P.

“I had spinal surgery, and I’m doing quite well.”

Cheryl S.

“I was in such pain I couldn’t sit, bend or sleep. Getting in & out of the car was the worst. The herniated disc along with the sciatic pain was excruciating. After an X-ray & MRI, Dr. Nachwalter diagnosed the issue and promptly took care of it through surgery. The office staff is highly efficient. Never waited more than 5 minutes to be seen. And didn’t need any pain killers after surgery & am pain free. I am so grateful. Thank you.” user

“Dr. Nachwalter’s treatment has brought feeling to my fingers, removed the throbbing pain into my upper back/arms and, most, a normal sleep pattern. I am looking forward to future visits and direction.” User

“After being in a car accident 7 years ago and having numerous injections, Dr. Nachwalter was able to give me a solution. When I first saw him, I was not in tremendous pain, so I decided not to do surgery. He did not pressure me one way or another. However, after 6 months the pain returned and I was unable to avoid surgery. The staff and he were extremely helpful in explaining what was to take place. I am now recovering and I can’t believe I waited so long. The only pain I have left is from the surgery, which diminishes every day!” user

“My experience with Dr.Nachwalter was phenomenal, to say the least. Before treatment, I led a life that consisted of sleepless aching nights, numb fingertips and excruciating neck and back pain that kept me from living a regular life and comfortably fulfilling basic everyday activities. Scheduling an appointment with Dr. Nachwalter was the best decision I made. The whole process went smoothly. As the days progress, I’m feeling better and better. The pain that I once felt in my neck and shoulders is now minuscule. Surely I’m feeling like my old self before the accident and can finally look forward to a good night’s rest! I want to thank Dr. Nachwalter a million times and would recommend him to anyone and everyone.” User

“I met Doctor Nachwalter through a worker’s comp case upon my first visit with him. He and his staff projected nothing but the absolute epitome of professionalism. Doctor Nachwalter found that I had been walking around with a fractured spine for three years, something several other doctors overlooked. Doctor Nachwalter performed a fusion surgery on me on 8/18/2017 and not even a month after the surgery I am able to walk and stand with out fear and pain for the first time in three years. Thank you.” user

“Knew exactly what was wrong and fixed it right away.” user

“Dr.Nachwalter is a great doctor and helped me tremendously to get back to my regular lifestyle.” user

“Dr. Nachwalter was straight forward with diagnoses and options for successful pain relief from lumbar cyst. Surgery went well with no more nerve pain down leg.” user

“Dr. Nachwalter is an excellent surgeon who has given me my life back. I’m 44 and after having emergency discectomy surgery a year ago, 7 months ago I started losing my ability to stand and walk-serious stenosis. I went to multiple doctors, but they all turned me away because they couldn’t guarantee a positive result based on MRI and exam, even though I begged to be helped! Dr. Nachwalter is the only doctor who took a chance on me, and I’m so happy he did! He is truly skilled and meticulous. During my surgery, he was extremely thorough and performed excellent nerve decompression along with a 2 level fusion. I know this because horrible pain symptoms I’ve been living with are gone. I truly did not think anyone would fix those problems. I was mostly concerned with standing and walking. This man is a true surgeon. I made this review because I also looked at reviews of doctors while I was searching for someone to help me and figured my experience deserved to be shared. Thank you very much, Dr. Nachwalter.”

Michael from Bedminster, NJ

“Dr. Nachwalter was very thorough, and explained everything that he was doing. He tried some non-surgical procedures first, then narrowed down what the issue was with further testing. He assured me what he could do, and after my surgery, I am feeling so much better and on my way to a full recovery. The office staff is very good and helpful too.”

Tom from Gillette, NY

“Dr. Nachwalter has given me back my quality of life twice! He fused the L4, L5 since I could barely stand or walk due to the tremendous pain in my left leg. I was dancing at my son’s wedding 4 weeks later and on a European cruise in 6 weeks, walking 5 miles a day – no pain. Thirteen months later I had a fall, receiving a bad herniation. Dr. Nachwalter performed a rather tricky procedure from which I am now recovering. Again, the pain is gone. Thank you, Dr. Nachwalter!”

Catherine P.

“Dr. Nachwalter performed a very intricate and delicate surgery on my lower back recently. The surgery was very successful and my prognosis for a full recovery of normal functions is excellent. In my opinion, he is a very skilled and talented surgeon. He is very open to any and all questions you may have on a procedure. His office staff is also very helpful and professional. When he or his staff say they will return your calls, they always do and promptly.”

Dan Z.

“Just want to say Dr. Richard S. Nachwalter is a very professional and caring specialist. I will recommend his expertise to anyone. I want to say thank you for everything.”


“Great doctor. I would recommend him to everybody. Great staff and the doctor was kind, knowledgeable and makes you feel at ease. Everything went smoothly and I am feeling much better. I can’t thank him and his team enough.” User

“After being unsatisfied with a previous specialist for 4 weeks, we found Dr. Nachwalter. He did an extensive review of my case. He recommended surgery as soon as possible. Pain was gone immediately after surgery and I was able to walk the following day after surgery. Dr. Nachwalter is reassuring and professional before, during and after surgery. I highly recommend him!”

Ron M.