How Exercise Contributes to Spine Health

Its no secret how beneficial exercise is for the human body. We are supposed to be active people and while lifestyles and work can make that harder to do, its important to get at least some exercise each day. One part of our bodies that craves being put to use through exercise are our spines. Having a strong back”, to put it in simple terms, is important for not only our day-to-day lives, but long term health also.

The good news for those of us wanting to maintain a healthy spine is that there is a massive variety of exercises and fitness plans that are out there and are both enjoyable and effective.

How Exercise Contributes to Spine Health

A key area to focus on in exercise to maintain good spine health is not directly the spine itself, in fact it is your core, according to Spine Health. Strong core muscles support and stabilize the spine. When the spine is stabilized and protected by muscles there is a reduction in pressure around it including on the discs, soft tissues and surrounding joints.

The core of the body generally refers to the abdomen, lower back, pelvis and hips. Too often the core is thought of as the stomach area only and while six-pack abs are great, theres a whole lot more in our bodies that needs attention, especially when it comes to spinal health.

According to the Colorado Comprehensive Spine Institute, when it comes to specific exercises that target and improve spinal health, it is important to remember to think of them in three categories:

  • Strengthening exercises – these exercises will increase muscle tone and improve your endurance. Stronger surrounding muscles will lead to less spinal fatigue throughout the day.
  • Stretching – these activities will improve flexibility. You’ll notice a significant reduction in having a ‘stiff back’ if it is loose and flexible.
  • Aerobic exercises – these exercises will increase blood flow around your body, especially the bones. This has a number of positive impacts on the body, but especially the spine.

Try various exercises that involve planks, leg lifts, squats and crunches to build up your core strength. Your back will thank you in the long run! Focus on maintaining proper form rather than the number of repetitions by keeping your back straight during these exercises.

If some of this sounds a little too advanced and you arent quite at the level of doing targeted exercises yet, then Spine Universe suggests simply getting out for regular walks. Because movement increases blood flow, that blood flow has a direct impact on strengthening bones. Your spine is one big complicated bone so it benefits from walking greatly.

Furthermore, when it comes to walking, Nebraska Spine Hospital says that getting some outdoor exercise like walking (no matter the intensity) is good for us because of the sunlight factor. Soaking up some rays on a walk while getting the blood moving in this low impact aerobic activity does wonders for our health, the spine included!

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