Moving can be a strain on everyone. Whether it’s moving into a new home or into a residence hall, it’s important to do what you can to avoid injuries during the big move. The last thing you want is to be thinking of your back rather than enjoying your new space. Here are three tips from Dr. Richard Nachwalter MD for avoiding injuries during your move:

Dress The Part

When you are moving, you should focus on practicality rather than fashion for your wardrobe that day.


Closed toe shoes, especially sneakers, are the best choice when moving. The closed toe area will protect your foot from becoming injured in case one of your boxes tips over. Sneakers will also provide your feet with the support you’ll be thankful for while you make the many trips from the car to the room.


Wearing comfortable clothes you can easily move around in is also a good idea while moving. It is important that you’ll be able to move around easily as you lift, twist, and move during the day.

Plan and Know

Make a plan about how you’re getting the boxes, trunks, mini-fridge, and suitcases to the room.


If you’re moving into a building at the same time as others, for instance a residence hall, take time to see how many elevators and staircases there are available. If everyone only uses the elevator, you may want to check out the stairs. Creating a plan will help you complete the move-in process easier.


Knowing your strengths and recognizing your limits is also key to moving. If a box is too heavy for you, don’t try to lift it! You don’t want to run the risk of injury by trying to lift something you simply can’t. Use hand dollies and carts on wheels to help you move the big stuff.


If you’re moving into a residence hall, see if the university provides help to move the larger and heavier boxes. They may have carts for you to rent or people who can help.

Lift Smart

Use proper lifting techniques to avoid injuries during move-in. Here are the major techniques you should remember while lifting your boxes or heavy objects:

  • Lift with your legs and not with your back.
  • Keep the object you’re lifting close to your body and around your waist.
  • Get a good stance that provides enough support for you to lift easily.


Know Your Limits

Following these tips will help you and your body make it through the move. Moving into a new space can be fun and exciting, especially if you’re moving in New Jersey! Remembering these tips will help ensure that you actually get to enjoy it.


If you do injure yourself however, address your injuries as soon as possible. Whether it can be fixed easily with a Band Aid or more difficulty with a few days off your feet, it’s important to take care of the injury sooner rather than later.


If you experience pain for an extended period of time, or notice the pain moving to other parts of your body, call a doctor immediately.


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