Back Pain When Exercising

As the weather breaks, springtime becomes the catalyst for people to begin exercising. Just as you can guarantee the gym will be packed after the new year, the same applies for the start of spring. More often than not, the nicer weather sends people into a panic as the days until bathing suit season begin to dwindle. You may have overeaten during the winter months and the anxiety that builds may cause you to attempt cramming 5 workout sessions into 1! Though time is of the essence, it’s important to not only protect, but to preserve your spine.  As you begin to awaken muscles that may not have been used all season, it’s crucial to constantly assess any pain. A popular misconception, “no pain, no gain,” may cause you to overlook your discomfort, but the pain you’re feeling may require you to take a second look.

Don’t be mislead by equating pain with productivity when exercising. When popular exercises, such as sit-ups and weightlifting, are not done properly they can cause major damage to your neck and spine. Although it is true that some back pain while exercising could be considered “normal,” not all pain that occurs while exercising is to be expected. The pain you’re feeling could be caused by exercise-induced conditions such as strains. Among the many types of strains, there are two that are prevalent in exercising.

Muscle Strain: This strain is synonymous with the popular term “pulled muscle.” This can occur when the muscle is over stretched or torn. Just as it is crucial to make sure you are not over stretching your muscles, it’s important to consider that not stretching at all can be just as harmful to your neck and back.

Lumbar Strain: This strain is caused when the ligament that holds bones together is stretched too far or torn.

When these particular strains are in the lower back, they can cause severe inflammation and muscle spasms. A symptom to keep an eye out for is pain running down your leg, as this is an indication that you should see a specialist in a timely fashion. Although you may feel relief when resting, it is important to your recovery that you schedule a consultation with Atlantic Spine Specialists in a timely fashion, to ensure you do not cause any irreversible or additional damage to your spine.  
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